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    7 Tricks to Increase Your Flow of Ideas

  • Hi, I'm Kimberlee. I'm here to help.

    Hey hey! My name is Kimberlee, and since 2008 I've been a freelance copywriter.


    My job is to deliver creativity to my clients—wrapped around sound selling principles.


    But it hasn't always been easy. Self-doubt and procrastination have sent me spiraling more than once.


    It took a lot of self-discovery and support to bolster my creative journey.


    Fear and self-doubt now think twice before challenging me.


    And I'm here to make that possible for you, too.


    (Because you deserve it. Yes, you.)

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  • Creativity Looks Good On You, Don't You Think?​

    Stop Letting Fear Put You In Your Own Way!


    It's true.


    Fear can only stop you if you let it.


    That pulse-pounding, throat-clenching inner strain that sends you screaming for your blankets? It doesn't have to rule your life.


    Instead of living captive to your fear, you can short-circuit it, living in the natural flow of creativity you've always dreamed of.

    Breathe, Relax, Let It Flow


    Once you've learned how to lean into your own creative processes, you'll have the tools you need to bypass fear's ill-timed pop-ups.


    You'll enjoy the creation process, as it flows effortlessly from your soul's inner landscape to reality.


    But more than that:


    You'll discover who you are.


    And who you can become, with a bit of encouragement and guidance.


    Pretty rad, right?

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